How the Warriors have changed the NBA landscape

The NBA offseason has been shocking and surprising to say the least. Chris Paul was traded the Rockets. Paul George was traded to the Thunder. New super teams are being formed, while other teams are blowing it all up and embracing rebuilding.

The biggest shocker of all has to be state of the Cleveland Cavaliers. There coming off three straight finals appearances and an NBA Championship against the Warriors. If it's one team that had a legitimate shot at stopping the Warriors dynasty, the Cavs would be the first choice.

LeBron is upset the Cavs haven't done enough this offseason to compete with the Warriors. There is talks that he might leave Cleveland after next year. Now kyrie Irving apparently wants out of Cleveland as well. Not to mention the Cavs still don't have a GM after parting ways with David Griffin.

There is one team to thank for all of this chaos and madness. That team is the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have flipped the entire NBA landscape upside down. They got even better this offseason and teams are realizing they can't compete with the Warriors.

Winning two championships in a three span, an NBA record 73 games, and having a young core locked up for the future, will do that to most teams. It's the Warriors world and we're all just living in it. A dynasty is unfolding right before our very eyes.


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