Knicks and Phil Jackson mutually agree to part ways.

The Basketball Gods have smiled upon the city of New York. The Knicks and Phil Jackson have agreed to part ways. Ask and you shall receive. This is a move Knicks fan and NBA fans have been begging for three years now. 

Phil Jackson was hired by the Knicks as President of Basketball Operations, to restore credibility to a once proud franchise, and attract big name free agents. To say he didn’t accomplish this feat would be an understatement. 

The only thing Phil Jackson brought to the Knicks was turmoil, dysfunction, Triangles, and lots and lots of losing. The Knicks are 80-166 since Phil took over. That includes the single worst season in Knicks history where they won 23 games. 

The Knicks missed the playoffs all three years under Phil’s tenure and had three different head coaches. Derek Fisher the first, and was fired after the first season because of his resistant to coach the triangle. He also got into an altercation with Matt Barnes which brought to light the dysfunction in the Knicks front office. 

Kurt Rambis took over as HC and he was worse than Fisher. Jeff Hornacek was hired this passed offseason and the Knicks finished 31-51. The Knicks made some improvements under Hornacek, but he was handicapped by Phil’s insistence on running the triangle . 

The only positive thing about Phil’s tenure in New York was that he drafted Porzingis. However, Phil being Phil; he managed to piss Porzingis off so much that he skipped his exit meeting at the end of the season. 

This lead to Phil Jackson putting Porzingis on the trading block, which then lead to outcry from NBA fans all over. 

Phil also damaged his relationship with Carmelo Anthony beyond repair. He constantly attacked Melo’s character, style of play, and overall fit with the team. It got so bad at one point that the NBA players union tried to step in and intervene. 

Phil also disrespect LeBron and his business partners by calling them his posse. Knicks Legend Charles Oakley was even thrown out of game this season. 

The Knicks and Phil Jackson parting ways was a move that had to be made. This was the only possible solution to a problem that grew completely out of control. Everything that could go wrong under Phil’s tenure, went wrong. 

Not only did Phil Jackson fail as president of basketball ops, he failed miserably. The triangle is officially dead. 


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