Warriors Vs Cavs. The Rivalry the NBA and its fans all need. 

Rivalries are what truly defines sports. They provide good entertainment, memorable moments, and classic games that fans can discuss for years to come. The Lakers vs Celtics rivalry changed the course of basketball history forever. What made that rivalry so special was players like Bird and Magic and there hatred, yet respect and admiration for each other. 

The Warriors and Cavs have a chance to make there own history and become the modern day version of the Lakers vs Celtics. In today’s NBA there aren’t too many rivalries which makes this finals matchup all the more special. LeBron vs Curry isn’t quite Magic vs Bird, but with Kobe being retired its the two biggest stars in the game, going head to head on the biggest stage in the world, the NBA Finals. 

Both teams are off to a pretty good start as they will meet in the NBA Finals for a third straight year. No two teams in NBA history have ever accomplished that feat. 

The Rematch. The Trilogy. Warriors vs Cavs Part 3. One of the worst kept secrets in the NBA all season, was the Warriors and Cavs meeting in the NBA Finals for a third straight straight year. All season long that was narrative, and the playoffs became boring and predictable, as we waited for this matchup to take shape. No team could challenge these two juggernauts. It’s was destiny that they would meet in the NBA Finals. 

How did we get here you ask? I’m happy you asked and I’ll be glad to explain it for you. 

Two years ago, the Warriors and Cavs met in the NBA Finals. The Warriors would win the first finals matchup in 6 games, after Love was hurt in the opening round against Boston, and Irving would go down in game one of the NBA Finals. Curry continued his road to superstardom and the Warriors captured there first championships since 1975. 

Then last season the Warriors completed the greatest regular season in NBA history by winning 73 games. They would fall short in there quest to win back to back titles with a heartbreaking lost in game 7 at home to the Cavs. 

LeBron would finally deliver on his promise to win the city of a Cleveland a championship, and end a 52 year championship drought in an epic game 7. That finals left us with memorable moments like “The Block”, “The Shot” and “The Stop.” The Cavs celebrated on the Warriors home court which left a bad taste in the Warriors mouth. 

The Warriors were left to recover from blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals. The Warriors not only recovered, they added Kevin Durant during free agency. This move shook up the NBA landscape and put everyone on notice, especially Cleveland. The Warriors were coming back with a vengeance. The basketball world was stunned and upset by this move. 

Fast forward to this season and the Warriors and Cavs were head and shoulders the two best teams in the NBA. They ran through the regular season and postseason with ease. At one point they were both undefeated in the Playoffs, and it looked like they would stay undefeated heading into the finals. 
The Warriors of course are still perfect (12-0), while the Cavs are 11-1, with the only loss coming at the hands of the Celtics in game 3. 

Now we arrive at this year’s NBA Finals with each team winning a championship in this budding rivalry. It’s time for the score to be settled. Who is the better team? Who is the biggest star in the NBA? Is LeBron better than Jordan? Did Durant hurt his legacy by joining the Warriors? Can Curry reclaim his throne as the new face of the NBA? 

All of these questions and more will be answered in the NBA Finals. Legacies will be defined in this series. Careers will be made. Twenty years from now we might look back and see how this rivalry changed the course of history just like the Lakers and Celtics. 


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