NBA Draft Lottery results. Celtics and Lakers back on top. 

The NBA draft lottery results are finally in. Every draft wouldn’t be fun without some type of conspiracy theory. Frozen envelope anyone? This year it’s the Lakers keeping its pick and more than likely drafting Lonzo Ball. Now if you remember his outspoken and attention seeking dad, Lavar Ball predicted his son would be drafted by the Lakers on several occasions and would “only play for the Lakers.” Either he’s a prophet, mad genius, or something in between.

The Celtics won the lottery and have the number 1 overall pick. Thanks Brooklyn. Number 1 seed in the conference. First overall pick. Life is good in Boston right now.

The Lakers will be picking second and get to keep the pick since it didn’t fall outside of the top three. If the pick fell outside of the top three it would have went to the 76ers, the team picking third overall.

Let’s all take a minute to appreciate the greatness of former 76ers GM Sam Hinkie. ‘The Process’ is indeed working. Salute to the 76ers fans who raised the Sam Hinkie banner last night at the draft lottery.

Rounding out the top five is the Suns picking fourth overall, and the Kings picking fifth overall.

In other news from the draft, the Knicks will be picking 8th overall. Not exactly what Knicks fans wanted, but they can still select a good player overall at number 8. The last two times the Knicks picked 8th overall they selected Jordan Hill (Curry went 7th in that draft) and Channing Frye.

Okay that doesn’t instill the most confidence, but this is a deep draft and players like De’Aaron Fox, Dennis Smith Jr and Frank Ntilkina might still be available.


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