Recapping the first round of the NFL Draft.

Before I dive into the madness of all the trades and draft picks in the draft, I just want to shine a light on the two best moments from the first round of 2017 NFL Draft.

The powerful, visual and heartfelt stories of Garrett Boles and Takkarist McKinley. Boles was kick out or expelled out of five different school, and his parents home. He went to live with his lacrosse coach who helped shaped and mold him into a man worth of being drafted in the NFL. Watching him walk across the stage with his son in hand was adorable and moving.

McKinley lost his grandmother and brought a beautiful portrait of her to the draft, as a reminder of the promise he made to her. He then delivered a passionate and heartfelt speech about all the adversity he overcame to make it to the biggest stage the NFL Draft.

Those two moments were the highlight of the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Trades, Trades and more trades

The first round of the 2017 NFL Draft was full of surprises and trades. We didn’t even have to wait long for the first trade of the night and a SHOCKER of a pick.

Coming into the 2017 NFL Draft, most of the talk was about how this was one of the deepest draft for defensive players in recent memory, but offense stole the show for most of the night. Eight of the first fourteen picks were offensive players.

The Browns had the number 1 overall pick and did the wise thing by selecting DE Myles Garrett. There were talks on the Browns being torn between Garrett and Trubisky, who wouldn’t have to wait long to hear his name called.

The Bears traded up one spot with the 49ers to select North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky. The 49ers received the 3rd overall pick, as well as the 67th, 111th and a third round pick next year. That was a steep price to pay for a QB who has only been a starter for one year.

Both the Chiefs and the Texans also traded up to select a QB in the first round. Breaking News: The NFL is still a QB driven league.

The chiefs traded the 27th pick, a third rounder, and a 2018 first rounder to Bills for the 10th overall pick and selected QB Patrick Mahomes II.

The Texans traded the 25th pick and a 2018 first rounder to take QB Deshaun Watson at number 12.

These trades for QB’s set the tone for the first round of the draft and allowed other teams to scoop up quality defensive players that might not have been around.

Draft day slide and character concerns

Every year during the draft it’s always a player or two, who experiences a draft day slide due to inures, character concerns, or teams going in a different direction. Ohio State CB Gareon Conley slipped all the way to the Raiders at number 24 due to an ongoing rape accusation. Reuben Foster slipped all the way to the 49ers at number 31 after a diluted sample and injuries concerns surrounding his shoulder.

Day 2 of the NFL Draft continues tonight and it has a tough act to follow after last night exciting start.



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