The Black Hole in Oakland. NFL Approves Move to Las Vegas.

Remember all of the fears and concerns about having a sport franchise in Las Vegas? 

Vegas was always one of the cities on the list for a possible sports team, but there were concerns about gambling; and whether or not a team could be successful, with all the other entertainment options in Vegas.

Well now, the city of Las Vegas will now be home to not one, but two sports franchises. The NHL Vegas Golden Knights, and now the soon to be non existent Oakland Raiders.

The NFL owners voted and approved to have the Raiders relocate to Las Vegas. 31 out of 32 owners voted yes, with the Miami Dolphins being the only exception. 

The Raiders will stay play in Oakland get at least the next two years, before moving into a $1.9 billion dollar stadium to be shared with UNLV in 2020.

This move to Las Vegas has been in motion for quite some time now. It’s no secret that the Raiders and owner Mark Davis, wanted a new stadium for years, and once they realized it wasn’t happening, relocation become the best alternative. 

Originally the Raiders wanted to move to Los Angeles, but the NFL instead choose the Rams and Chargers. That opened the door for Vegas to become host to its second sports team. 

Relocation is always an issue that elicits different responses from different people. 

For the owner of the team it’s always a great deal because they get exactly what they want which is a new stadium. 

For the players and fans it’s difficult because of the attachment to the city and the community. 
Raider fans have waited for years for there team to finally be good again, and just when they get good, they end up leaving.

Raiders Fans are some of the most passionate and loyal fans in all of sports, and unfortunately the name Black Hole will take on a whole new meaning once the team leaves in 2019.


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