Everything isn’t so Golden for the Warriors 

When Kevin Durant went down with a MCL sprain, most people thought the Warriors would be okay without him for the most part. They have enough talent. They won 73 games without him. Steph will return to playing at an MVP level and all would be right for the Warriors. 

Since KD’s injury the Warriors have gone 2-3 in there last 5 games, and both Curry and Thompson are in shooting slumps. Thompson is shooting 34% overall and 25% from three. Curry is shooting an unfathomable 29% from three. 
Should the Warriors start panicking or is everyone just overreacting to a mini slump? There is definitely some cause for concern for the Warriors. 

For one KD’s injury changes the Warriors rotation, and forces other guys to step and play more minutes than what there accustomed to playing. Rookie Patrick McCaw was thrust into the starting lineup. David West, Iguodala and Green are asked to do more on the offense end.

The Warriors already had a great offense without KD, but he made there lineup even more dangerous and unstoppable at times. Even if Curry or Thompson was struggling, KD would pickup the slack. One of those three was always guaranteed to be on. 

It’s hard to replicate KD’s 25 ppg, 8 rbg, 4 apg on 53% shooting. 

Not to mention the Warriors don’t have the same depth as that 73 win team last season. Barnes, Speights, Bogut and Barbosa are all gone. The Warriors sacrificed so much to get KD and now that he’s injured, the loss of those players are magnified. 

The Warriors currently have 1.5 game lead over the Spurs for the best record in the west, with a showdown looming between these two teams on Saturday. The Spurs and Warriors play each other two times in the next 18 days. Home court advantage could definitely be decided in the balance. 

Life has suddenly become a lot more difficult for the Warriors, but they still control there own destiny. They still have the personnel and championships pedigree to hold down the fort until KD returns. 

Will the real Splash Brothers please stand up?


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