Can’t Deflate History. Patriots win fifth Super Bowl with the greatest comeback in sports history. 

Last night, the world saw the impossible, the unexplainable, the unimaginable happen during Super Bowl 51. A comeback in a championship game that leaves everyone in awe of what they just witnessed.

I’m talking about the Patriots improbable, come from behind victory against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. The Pats were decimated at halftime 21-3 behind a fierce Falcons pass rush that left Brady rattled and uncomfortable. It invoked memories of the Giants pass rush defense that stifled Brady in two Super Bowls defeats.

Brady threw a pick 6 and Blount fumbled which both lead to points for the Falcons.

After trading punts to begin the second half the Falcons scored again on a touchdown from Ryan to Coleman. At that point the Pats are trailing 28-3 and the whole world is ready to celebrate the Patriots demise, there fall from grace.

Then the greatest comeback in sports history started to unfold. Brady connected with James White for a five year touchdown which made it 28-9, after Gostkowski missed the extra point attempt. The Pats would scored another field goal and the score was 28-12.

The Patriots forced the Falcons to punt and scored again on a touchdown pass from Brady to Amendola and the score is 28-20. At the point everyone is thinking no way the Patriots come back from 25 down and win this game.

The Patriots forced the Falcons to punt once again and that gave Brady all the ammunition he needed to work his magic. A 10 play, 91 drive that culminated with White’s touchdown and Amendola catch for a 2 point conversion.

Also on that play was one of the great catches of all-time to extend a drive. Stop me if you heard that before.

What has been a reoccurring theme in the Super Bowl for the Patriots was once in a lifetime catches. David Tyree helmet catch. Mario Manningham sideline catch. Jermaine Kearse juggling catch, although the Pats won that game.

Well last night the flip was finally switched and Julian Edelman caught a deflected pass between three defenders out of mid air. Yes that really happened.

Fans around the world were treated to the first overtime game in Super Bowl history. The Patriots received the ball first in overtime and at that point you just knew the outcome of the game. The Patriots marched down the field for 75 yards and White ran in the game winning touchdown. His third touchdown of the game.

The Patriots capped off the greatest comeback in sports history and Brady cemented his legacy at the GOAT.

The Drive for Five is complete. The Patriots Dynasty is alive and well. You can’t deflate history.


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