The Fantastic Four of Quarterbacks 

Four of the best and hottest QB’s in the NFL will square off in the conference championship games. 

Brady vs Roethlisberger and Rodgers vs Ryan. All four QB’s had an amazing season and represent the cream of the crop when it comes to best QB in the league. 

Rodgers threw 40 TD passes on the season and lead the packers as they ran the table. Ryan threw 38 TD passes and led the NFL in passer rating with 117.1. Brady was suspended the first four games of the season and still passed for 40 TD passes and only two interceptions. Big Ben had a “mediocre” season compared to the high standards he’s set with 29 TD passes and 13 interceptions 

You can argue that this matchup between all four teams and QB’s is the best ever in conference championship games. Combined they’ve won 7 Super Bowls, 4 MVP’s, 4 Super Bowl MVP’s and countless passing records and pro bowl nominations. 

Three of the four QB’s already own a Super Bowl championship, with Brady and Big Ben owning multiple super bowl championships. To put in perspective just how great Brady and Big Ben careers have been, for the 10th time in the last 16 seasons Brady or Big Ben will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. 

To make this matchup even more interesting both games are a rematch from the regular season. The Falcons defeated the Packers 33-32 in week 8. The Patriots defeated the Steelers 27-16 in week 7, although Big Ben missed that game with a torn meniscus. A lot has changed since these four teams played each other. Gronkowski is out for the Patriots. Big Ben is back for the Steelers and the defense has improved drastically since then. Rodgers and the Packers are on a 6 game winning streak and the Falcons defense has also improved. 

Packers over Falcons 27-24
Patriots over Steelers 30-21

We finally get the Super matchup we’ve all been waiting to see Brady vs Rodgers and Patriots vs Packers. Two of the greatest teams and QB’s in NFL history squaring off for the right to be called Super Bowl Champions. 


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