Cavs do it again, acquire Kyle Korver from Hawks. 

LeBron James, I mean the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Kyle Korver in a trade with the Atlanta Hawks. The Cavaliers continue to do an excellent job at filling team needs on the trade market. Whether it’s trading for rim protector Mozgov or getting Korver, they identify what the team needs and then go out and acquire that player. Korver has been on Cleveland radar for a while and they finally got there guy.  

With injuries to JR Smith this way a perfect move trading for a guy that’s shooting 40% from 3 this season. Korver is the perfect fit for this team. An efficient knock down shooter who will reap the benefits of playing with an unselfish player in LeBron, and a underrated passer in Kyrie Irving. Just ask Ray Allen and James Jones how satisfying and rewarding it is to receive open looks. 

You have to think this trade was done with an eye toward a third straight finals matchup with the Warriors. Going up against the offensive juggernaut in Golden State, you need as many weapons as possible. The Cavs are a backup point guard away from being the most complete team in the NBA, and that should scare the rest of the NBA. The rich just got richer. 


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