2016, The Year in Sports

What year it was in 2016 for sports fans. We saw decade long curses broken, recording breaking performances, legends retiring, and athletes standing up for social causes. 

More than anything sports provided a distraction from the issues plaguing our country. 

There were several I can’t beleive that just happened moments. Here are some of the best moments of the 2016 sports year. 

Alabama defeated Clemson in the college football championship capturing there 4th title in 7 years. 

The Broncos won Super Bowl 50 and Peyton Manning retired a Super Bowl Champion. 

Kris Jenkins hit a game winning shot in the NCAA championship game and Villanova defeated North Carolina. 

Kobe put up 60 points in the final game of his career. 

The Warriors won an NBA record 73 games in the regular season. 

The Cavaliers overcome a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals to win the first ever NBA championship, and Cleveland’s first championship in 52 years. 

Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Katie Ledecky, and Simone Biles dominated the Rio Olympics.  

Colin Kaepernick went where no other professional athlete went since Ali. 

Speaking of Ali we lost “The Greatest” along with other sport icons like Craig Sager, Pat Summit, Arnold Palmer, John Saunders and many others. 

Dee Gordon hit a home run in his first at bat to honor fallen teammate Jose Fernandez. 

Kevin Durant left the Thunder to join the Warriors. 

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years, in an epic game 7 against the Indians. 

2016 will go down as one of the best years in sports history. It taught us that anything is possible. No deficit is too big to overcome. Fairy tale endings do come true. Curses are meant to be broken. Greatness can be achieved. Legends will live on forever. 


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