Sager Strong till the end. 

Today the sports and NBA world lost a legend in the great Craig Sager. Sager passed away today at the ago of 65. Sager spent more 30 years working for Turner Sports and carved out a career as the greatest broadcaster of all time. 

When it comes to sports reporting and broadcasting there will never be another Craig Sager. He’s covered the World Series, college basketball, Soccer World Cup, Winter and Summer Olympics, golf, tennis, NFL; however the NBA was his home. Sager even hosted his first ever NBA Finals game this past June during game 6 of the Cavs and Warriors. 

When interview by LeBron during the clinching game 6, LeBron genuinely said “first of all, let me ask you a question. How the hell do you go 30 plus years without getting a Finals game? That doesn’t make no sense.”

Sager will of course be remembered for his colorful and eccentric suits that he wore during games, as well as his humorous spirt. Sager was as bright and colorful as the suits that he wore. He will also be remembered as the only reporter who could ever get a decent answer from Spurs HC Poppvich. More than anything Sager will be remembered for his fighting spirit, dedication and love for the game of of basketball, and his love for life. 

It’s very rare in sports when you see a person that is universally loved by ALL members of the sports community. Sager just had a larger than life personality that drew you in and made you love him. The basketball and sports community owe you a great debt of thankfulness and gratitude for your dedication and service. 

Craig Sager, you made the game of basketball more fun and enjoyable, just by being yourself. It’s unfortunate we lost you today, but Heaven gained a well dressed man and the best sports broadcaster of all time. 


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