Klay Thompson  goes off for 60 points in three quarters. 

Klay Thompson has the NBA and sports world buzzing again. Last year, he scored an NBA record 37 points in one quarter against the Kings. That performance was one of the single greatest shooting performances in NBA history.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nyBpt9tRsg. Yet, somehow last night he was even hotter than that performance, scoring a career high and NBA season high 60 points in only three quarters.

Even more impressive than Klay scoring 60 points in three quarters, is the fact he did it playing only 29 minutes! He is the first player in the modern shot clock era to achieve this. Not to mention it came against a tough Indiana Pacers squad that leads the NBA in forced turnovers. He scored 60, but it could have been more (think Kobe’s 81 point game).

Playing with 2X MVP Steph Curry and now 3X scoring champ and former MVP Kevin Durant; Klay Thompson doesn’t always get the respect and recognition he deserves. That’s okay because Klay could honesty care less, he just wants to win. However, he deserves to be recognized and celebrated along with the best players in the NBA.

Klay Thompson is the best two way shooting guard in the NBA hands down. Who else you know can consistently guard the other teams best players, while still capable off going for 20, 30, 40, 50, or even 60 points? Jimmy Butler is the first player that comes to mind, but Klay offensive game is far superior. Not only is he the best two guard in the league, he is a superstar as well.

When a player of Klay’s caliber gets going offensively like how he did last night its much you can do to stop them.

Juts imagine for a second if Curry, Thompson and Durant all have one of those nights at the same time. Scary for the rest of the NBA, but pure entertainment for us NBA fans.


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