All he does is win. Why Tom Brady is the best ever?

Two words has defined Tom Brady throughout his stellar, historic, Hall of fame career. Those two  words are winning and greatness. Brady is tied for first all-time among starting QB with 4 Super Bowl wins. He has won an NFL record 13 division titles. With the Patriots victory over the Rams on Sunday, Brady is now the all-time winningest QB in NFL history including postseason, with 201 career victories. Brady passed long time rival and good friend Peyton Manning to set the record.

Not bad for a guy that was drafted in the 7th round, 199th overall. Throughout his career Brady has always defied the odds and personified the word greatness. He does a phenomenal job holding his teammates accountable and setting the bar high. He loves to compete and more importantly, he loves to win.

Patriots HC Bill Belichick had this to say about Brady.

“I think Tom Brady does the things he’s always done. He prepares hard on and off the field physically, mentally. He studies film, knows how to game plan, knows the opponents, and he got great experience.”

As a die-hard Patriots and Tom Brady, I’m slightly bias, but Brady is the greatest QB in NFL history. His resume speaks for itself. 4X Super Bowl Champion, 3X Super Bowl MVP, 2X Regular season MVP, and most wins for QB in NFL history. Not to mention he is the postseason leader in passing yards (7,957), passing completions (738), and passing touchdowns (56). He also holds the Super Bowl record for appearances (6) and touchdown passes with (13).

QB’s more than any other position are judge based on how much they win. When you put everything together, no QB has won more than Brady. He has done more with less than any other QB in recent memory. No matter who you surround him with, Brady just continues to succeed. In basketball, Michael Jordan is recognized by many the great basketball player of all-time due in larger part to his six NBA championships. Brady is in that same class and deserve that same recognition.


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