Opening Night recap: Warriors vs Spurs. 

The Warriors are coming off the greatest regular season in NBA history 73-9, but lost in the NBA Finals to the Cavs after being up 3-1. They added free agent Kevin Durant and solidified there place as the new villains in the NBA. The Spurs lost Tim Duncan to retirement, but sign free agent Pau Gasol. Gasol fits in perfectly with the Spurs team first mentality. 

Last season the Spurs and Warriors were the two best teams in the NBA record wise, and its always a gift from the basketball Gods when these two teams matchup and renew there rivalry. There is a lot of similarities between the Spurs and Warriors like a strong emphasis on ball movement, team first culture, and a high level of excellence. 

Signing Kevin Durant was a no brainer for the Warriors, but they lost some key pieces in Bogut, Ezeli, Barnes, Speights and Barbosa. A lot of those players did the dirty work and the little things necessary for the Warriors to win games. It’s going to take time for the Warriors to gel and get used to playing with each other. On offense the Warriors are going to be lights out, but it’s on the defensive end that there going to have to work. 

The Spurs put on a clinic tonight both offensively and defensively. On offense Aldridge and Leonard were a dynamic two man show who had their way. They combined for 61 points. Aldridge killed the Warriors down low and with open jump shots. Leonard was aggressive in attacking the basket and getting to the free throw line. Jonathan Simmons also provided a nice spark for the Spurs with 20 points and a impressive chase down block on Curry that was LeBroness. 

On defense they forced turnovers and there half court defense stopped the warriors from getting easy transition buckets. The Spurs controlled this entire game from start to finish and made it very uncomfortable for the Warriors to get going offensively. 

Some people might be shocked that the Spurs blew out the Warriors, but don’t be. The Spurs are a well coached, championship team that has the length, depth, and defense to cause problems for the Warriors. The Spurs are still the Warriors biggest competition in the west. 


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