World Series Merritt.

NBA Finals. NBA Champions. World Series. Cleveland. Those four words all together in one sentence. What an incredible year for the city of Cleveland and there fans. 

The Cleveland Indians are back in the World Series for the first time since 1997. They did it with clutch hitting, great managerial moves by Terry Francona and a dominant bullpen led by trade deadline acquisition Andre Miller. Miller was flat out dominant in the ALCS.  7.2 inning pitched, 14 strike outs and only three hits. The Indians along with the Cubs are the two most compete teams in the postseason. They have veteran experience, youth, a shutdown bullpen,  the best manager in the game in Terry Francona, Ace Corey Klober and most of all momentum. 

The Indians have lost just one game in the postseason so far. This team doesn’t fear the moment. Just look at pitcher Ryan Merritt making his first postseason start in his career. He gave up two hits in 4.1 innings pitched. Jose Bautista said he would be shaking in his boots facing the Blue Jays. The old think left shaking was Bautista and the Blue Jays who were eliminated in 5 games. 

In a ironic and ominous way Game 1 of the World Series begin Tuesday October 25th, the first day of the NBA season, where the Cavaliers will be playing and receiving there championship rings. What a time to be alive, Cleveland. 


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