The Genius of Bill Belichick 

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the greatness and genius of Patriots HC Bill Belichick. Two rookie QB’s have started a game for the Patriots in Brady’s place and there still undefeated at 3-0. The Patriots are not only missing Brady, but Gronkowski also missed the first two games because of a hamstring injury.

Three games in and the Patriots already look like the best team in the NFL. Who would have thought that would be the case with Brady suspended for the first four games. Belichick does such a phenomenal job game playing for the opponent, making adjustments, and managing the game based on the talent on the field. It always seems like Belichick is one move and one step ahead of everyone else.

Belichick and the entire Patriots staff has done an excellent job of building a culture of winning and dominance. This team has one goal in mind every year and that’s winning the Super Bowl. Players come in and immediately buy into the Patriots Way. Everyone is focused on during there job and putting the team needs ahead of their own.

The Patriots are undefeated so far, because of there stingy defense, dominant run game, and the confidence and poise of rookie QB Garpppolo through the first two games. Blount has been a steady workhorse that the Pats continue to lean on. TE Martellus Bennett has been a steal for the Pats, not just in the catching department, but also blocking for Blount.

Here’s an interesting fact. QB’s to make their first career start under Belichick are 5-0. Jacoby Brissett now pushes that record to 6-0. Just imagine how much better the Patriots will be, when an angry and pissed of Tom Brady comes back from suspension.


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