Mets lose deGrom and then win in Grand fashion

On a day when the Mets received bad news that Jacob deGrom is done for the season, they came away with there most important win of the season in dramatic fashion. Curtis Granderson hit the tying homer run in bottom of the 11th and then the walk-off home run in the bottom of the 12. You can’t script it any better than this for a team that has been decimated with injuries to its prize pitchers. 

This win was not only important, because the Mets gained ground in the wild card race with the Cardinals and Giants battling each other. It was also important for the Mets psyche. Losing deGrom for the season is heartbreaking, especially when everyone was expecting him to come back and pitch tomorrow. The Mets really needed deGrom to return back to his all-star form in order to make a run in the postseason. 

DeGrom now joins Harvey on the DL and with Matz still not back yet, 3/4 of the Mets dynamic young pitching is now done for the season. Not to mention Zach Wheeler never made it back this season from Tommy John Surgery. The only young pitcher still left standing is Noah Syndergarrd who has pitched like an ace despite his struggles with stolen bases. 

Despite all of the injuries to their key players, the Mets are not only hanging around, but there actually tied with the Giants for the 1st wild card spot. That’s a testament to Terry Collins, Sandy Alderson, the entire Mets team and faithful fans. There is no quit, or woe is me attitude in this this team, and it shows in games and moments like this. That next man up mentality has really kept this team afloat all year. Whatever happens from here on out, the Mets and Mets faithful, should be proud of what this team accomplished this year. 


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