Tebow Touchdown with Mets

Tim Tebow is back in NY, but this time as a baseball player and not as a QB. Tebow and the New York Mets agreed to a minor league contract earlier today. He will report to the fall instructional league, and will be allowed days off to continue his commitment as analyst for ESPN. 

So what are the Mets getting with Tebow?
The Mets are getting a raw, but powerful hitter in Tebow. Tebow hasn’t played baseball since high school, but some scouts came away impressed with his power when held an open tryout back in August. Even if Tebow never plays a game for the Mets he still brings leadership experience and great character traits that you want in an athlete. 

How successful can Tebow be as baseball player?

This is the million dollar question and only time will tell. Tebow definitely has the drive, work ethic, and natural ability to make this all work. Age (29) and the gap since he last played baseball, are two factors working against him.   

Some question his commitment to playing baseball, but I believe Tebow is serious about making this all work. He has put in the time and effort, and knows that he has his work cut out for him. You can question Tim Tebow’s throwing mechanics, but you can’t question his commitment. 

Best case scenario he becomes a productive bench player who hits for power. Worst case scenario he flames out in the instructional league and never makes it to the MLB. 

The Mets are a great organization for Tebow to get his feet wet and begin his baseball career. There a first class organization led by Sandy Alderson and will Tebow every opportunity he needs to succeed. 


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