Survival of the fittest 

For the second straight game, Team USA had to fight in order to survive and win. They were tested by a tough Australia team and then Serbia pushed Team USA to the limits. Team USA was lucky enough to escape with a 3 point victory. Team USA struggles are obviously going to get all of the attention, but hats off to Serbia who play a phenomenal game. 

Coming into the Olympics it was a forgone conclusion that team USA would steamroll through the competition and walk away with gold. Winning gold is still a reality for Team USA, but it’s going to be a lot tougher than most people realized. 

These last two games was a wake up call for Team USA. If they don’t bring there A game every night they can be beaten. I think Team USA now realizes that they can’t just take teams lightly just because of the talent on there roster. The talent level at the Olympics has gotten increasingly better since the original dream team in 92. 

Adversity builds character and its greet seeing Team USA actually being challenged. It’s shows the growth and diversity of the game of basketball. Sometimes when the game comes to easy, you begin to think you can’t get away with certain things. Ultimately, Team USA will use these two closes victories as a learning experience. Team USA is far away from being vulnerable, but there not as invincible as we all thought they would be. 


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