The test that Team USA needed

Team Australia toughness was on full display against team USA. They came into this game with absolutely no fear and it showed in the way they played. Coming into this game it was always going to be a huge test for team USA because of Australia NBA experience and there tough brand of basketball, but nobody predicted this close of a game. A 10 point victory that team USA had to scratch and claw for.

The score was tied at 29 after the first quarter, and team USA even trailed by 5 at halftime. Team USA wasn’t able to go on one of those signature long runs to blow open the game. At times team USA struggled to scored which is somewhat hard to fathom considering the talent on this team. This game was a great test for team USA because it exposed some of the flaws in there game.

Those flaws include there big men staying out of foul trouble, there ability to make other shots when the three pointer isn’t falling, and a PG who can who can distribute the ball. Team USA obviously has great offensive minded players, but they lack that player who can slow the game down and set there teammates up. Irving can be that guy if needed but that’s not really his strong suite.

Team Australia proved that they can hang with team USA and it will be interesting to see what happens if they meet in the medal round. Spain was looked at as the team that could most challenge team USA, but Team Australia might have something to say after this game.


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