The hits keep on coming.

What a day it was in baseball. Alex Rodriguez held a press conference this morning, where he announced that he will play his last game on Friday and then join the Yankees as a special advisor and instructor. We all anticipated a move happening with A-rod and the Yankees,  after he had been benched for a good part of the season, and the Yankees started to make a commitment to build around there young players. However, no one saw this coming. A-Rod being released from his  contract, and then  rejoining the team  immediately as a advisor, which  is a bit strange to say the least.

Later on in the day, Ichiro Suzuki would join the illustrious 3,000 hit club with a triple off of Chris Rusin. Ichiro is now the 30th member to join the 3,000 hit club. It’s been a remarkable and hall of fame worthy career for Ichiro that didn’t start until 2001. Ichiro played nine years in Japan before coming over to the states. He made an immediate impact by winning rookie of the year and MVP in his first year. He would go on to have 10 straight 200 hit season, 10 gold gloves and 10 all star appearances.

There have been some discussions about whether Ichiro is the “New hit king.” Pete Rose is of course the official MLB hit king with 4,256 career hits. If you combine Ichiro career hits in Japan with MLB, he has more than 4,256 hits. Here’s the thing, you can’t take stats from another league in another country, and combine them together in order to make a new record. I know Pete bet on baseball games as a manager,  and continued to lie about it, but you can’t discredit his body of work as a player. Rose and Suzuki are both phenomenal hitters and players, but Rose is still the MLB hit King.

To all those who still think baseball is boring, you don’t get much better than today. Two great players,  who couldn’t be more opposite of each other making headlines for different reasons. One (Ichiro) is a lock for the hall of fame and the other A-Rod might never get in. For Ichiro and A-rod, the hits keep on coming.


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