NBA pulls 2017 All-star game out of Charlotte.

The NBA made the decision to pull the 2017 All-star game out of Charlotte. This move stems from North Carolina HB2 bill that requires transgender people to use the restroom according to the sex that is on their birth certificate. This law also excludes LGBT from workplace discrimination, as well as anti discrimination protection.

This was a difficult decision the NBA had to make, but it was a definitely the right one. I applaud Commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA for having the guts to make this bold decision. By pulling the game out of Charlotte the NBA sent a clear message that it will not tolerate discrimination against the LGBT community. When a powerful organization like the NBA makes a move of this caliber it holds significant weight and sends a strong message.

Several NBA stars have voiced their opinions on this move. Stephen curry expressed his love for the city of Charlotte and the disappointment of the game being removed from his hometown state. Curry also said that he supports the decision. Paul George focused on what the Hornets mean to the city of Charlotte, and how its a shame to take that away from them. There is definitely a feeling of disappointment with this move, but it is one that had to be made and all players can respect that.

With the 2017 all star game officially removed from Charlotte, the NBA now has to find a replacement and several cities such as New Orleans, Chicago, and New York are in the running.




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