The end of Deflategate

Sports fans can finally rejoice because Deflategate is officially over. Tom Brady posted on his Facebook page that he will not appeal his four game suspension to the Supreme Court.

Deflatgate initially started during the first half AFC Championship between the Colts and Patriots when referees noticed something wrong with the game ball. The NFL would then conducted an investigation. Brady was initially suspended by the NFL after the Wells Report conclude that it was ‘more probable than not’ that Brady was ” generally aware” of a football scheme to deflate footballs. The Patriots was also docked a $1 million dollars and lost a first and fourth round draft pick. 

Brady would appeal to Commisiomer Rodger Goodell (collectively bargain for) who upheld the four game suspension. Brady and the NFL would do the first of many battles in the court room. Judge Berman eventually overturned Brady’s four game suspension and he was allowed to play in all 16 games last season. 

The NFL would then appeal Judge Berman’s decision to the US Court of Appeals for the second circuit. In a 2-1 ruling for the NFL, the court ruled in favor of the NFL because Goodell was given the power under the CBA to decide disciplinary punishment. 

Brady would then appeal for an en banc hearing which was denied. That left Brady with one option left, appealing to the US Supreme Court. However, the odds were already against Brady because the US Supreme Court hears less than 1 percent of all cases. 

Brady ultimately decided not to appeal to the Supreme Court effectively ending Deflatgate. This has been a long drawn out process that put the NFL against the face of the NFL in Tom Brady. Now that it’s officially over we can concentrate on football once again. 


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