The end of an Era.

Tim Duncan, the greatest power forward of all-time announced his retirement from the NBA.  Of course Tim Duncan retired in typical Tim Duncan fashion, with the San Antonio Spurs announcing it for him. That’s how Duncan wanted it. Duncan played 19 years all with the San Antonio Spurs. In his 19 year career, he won 5 NBA champions, 2MVP’S,  3 Finals MVP’S and was a 15x all-star. Duncan also made the playoffs in ALL 19 seasons and is the first player in NBA history to win a championship in three different decades. That is a hall of fame worthy resume that just screams GREATNESS. Duncan will be remembered most for his quite demeanor, excellence on the court, and his legendary bank shoot.

Throughout his entire career Duncan always shied away from the spotlight and media attention. He wasn’t concerned with endorsements or his brand, he just simply wanted to win. Despite his quietness and lack of an exciting personality, there is no denying his place in NBA history. Tim Duncan is one of the top ten greatest players to ever play this game.

Tim Duncan is the last of a dying breed. The superstar that stays with one team his whole career and always puts the team needs ahead of his own. The superstar that plays the game the right away with passion and class. Duncan embodies everything of the old era in the NBA. Loyal, competitive and plays the game using fundamentals. This new era in the NBA doesn’t fit the personality of Tim Duncan. It’s only fitting that the two greatest players of this generation, Duncan and Kobe both retired in the same year.

Enjoy retirement Timmy. You deserve it. Thank YOU TD.


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