The homecoming nobody saw or really expected to happen. 

After feeling disrespected by the Heat’s offer off 2 years and $40 million, Dwayne Wade has decided to sign with his hometown team the Chicago Bulls. This is move almost no one saw coming, because it was almost a forgone conclusion that Wade would resign with the Heat. Even when reports of him meeting with others teams came out, we believed it was just leverage on Wade’s past. After all, he’s taken pay cuts and back seats for other players. He won the city a championship on his OWN. He dedicated his blood, sweat, and tears to the city of Miami. Wade is the type of player you expect to play his entire career in one jersey for one franchise. 

That almost became a reality until Pat Riley and Micky Arison decided to play hardball with there franchise player. This isn’t a superstar signing with another team to chase a ring. This is a franchise being cheap and not wanting to spend money on the greatest player in team history. You can give Whiteside $94 million and bosh $118 million, but can’t give Wade $50 million? 

Almost three  years ago the the Lakers gave Kobe a two year, $48.5 million dollar extension. Jerry Buss Lakers VP of basketball operation had this to say about the deal “You pay the guy. You believe in the guy. If he ends up saying healthy, that’s fantastic. With all of the injuries, plus wear and tear piling up on Kobe’s body, the Lakers had no problems or regrets signing him to a massive extension. You know why? Because of what he meant to the city of Los Angeles. Because of what he accomplished in his career. Unlike Wade, Kobe never took a pay cut. 

Wade is coming off of a productive season that saw him play in 74 games, his most since 2010-11 when he played in 76 games. Wade also averaged 19 points, to go along with 4 assist and 4 rebounds per game. In the playoffs he upped that 21 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assist per game.  He carried the heat all the way to the semifinals. If Whiteside doesn’t get hurt then more than likely they advance to the ECF to meet LeBron and the Cavs. 

There truly in no loyalty in sports, even when it comes to a player of Wade’s caliber. We criticize athletes all the time for being selfish and thinking about themselves, but what happens when the owners do it? It’s truly sad to see Wads’s tenure in Miami come to an end like this. He deserved so much better and deserved to end his career with the only franchise he’s ever known.  

Quote taken from USA Today article.


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