The Decision 2.0 

The Decision 2.0
The NBA’s worst nightmare has officially come true. Kevin Durant has signed with the Warriors. The Warriors team that won an NBA record 73 games and came within a game within back to back to championships. The Warriors team that has back to back MVP Stephen Curry. The Warriors team that also has Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. The best team in the NBA just signed one of the three best players in the world. The NBA landscape has officially been flipped upside down. 

Six years ago another player changed the dynamics of the NBA. In 2010, LeBron made his decision to leave Cleveland and join forces with Wade and Bosh in Miami. When LeBron, Wade, and Bosh joined forces it was mixed feelings all around. Excitement, angry, fear, disappointment. Some thought it was unfair that three players in there primes were joining together. That heat team was the most scrutinized and hated team probably of all-time. Look what Miami was able to accomplish four straight finals appearances, two straight championships, and a 27 game winning streak. You expect similar results from the Warriors now that they have KD and Curry in the SAME lineup. 

Will KD face the same level of hate and scrutiny as LeBron did when he left Cleveland? The Thunder are a better team than the one LeBron left in Cleveland. Personally, I don’t KD or LeBron should have been ridiculed for their decision. It’s there decision and as a free agent they have every right to do what’s best for them. This is a new era in the NBA where players teams up with rival in order to have a better chance at winning. 

Is Superteams good for the NBA? 

Super Teams like the Heat and Warriors are both good and bad for the league. It’s bad for the league, because it hurts the competitive balance within the league and fans will start to lose interest in the game. It’s good for the game because it’s creates passion and a wide range of emotions from fans all over the world. It makes the game fun again. The only time you can see this many superstars on one team is the All-Star game or the Olympics. Whether you liked, loved, or hated the Heat, you still watched every game. 


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