For the Land. Curse no more.

52 years of losing, suffering, heartbreak, and misery is finally over for Cleveland!! No more jokes about Cleveland being cursed. The curse is officially broken. LeBron James has just won the Cavaliers there first NBA championship and the city first championship since 1964. No sports team/city outside of the Chicago Cubs, deserve a championship more. This feels like the Red Soxs winning the championship in 2004 and breaking the curse of the Bambino. It’s a feeling of jubilation, excitement, and pride.

LeBron and the Cavaliers have just pulled off the impossible. Down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors, they are the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals. 3 straight wins against a Warriors team that won an NBA record 73 games, and hadn’t lost three straight since November 2013. The Cavs wanted it more tonight.

This the defining moment of LeBron James career and legacy. LeBron grew up in Akron Ohio, was drafted number 1 overall by the Cavs, left the Cavs to win championships in Miami. He came back and promised to win a championship for Cleveland when he returned. To win a championship for a team that never won and a city that has become synonymous with losing is remarkable and awe inspiring. LeBron is already an all-time great player, but this vaults him into legendary status. This win is symbolic of the prodigal son returning home.


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