Game 7.Win or go home.

The Cavs have won their second straight game in the NBA Finals and now we’re headed to game 7. Everything is on the line in this game. The Warriors quest for back to back championships. LeBron trying to win a championship for the city of Cleveland. Legacies are defined in game 7’s. This finals rematch has definitely lived up to the hype. Just when you thought one team have the advantage, the other team would snatch it right back. This series has had everything you could possibly ask for. Drama (green suspension), excitement (the Cavs winning two straight and forcing a game 7), and suspense (game 7).

The Cavs outworked and out hustled the Warriors all night long. They were more physical on the boards out rebounding the Warriors 43-31. Every time the Warriors made a run, the Cavs answered with a run of their own. LeBron James has been playing like a man possessed the last two games. Back to back 41 point games.

All season long ,the Warriors have been making history. However, if they lose game 7, they’ll be on the wrong side of history. They’ll be the first team in NBA finals history to blow a 3-1 lead. The pressure is now on the Warriors to close out this series. Green suspension in game 5 changed the complexity of this series. The Warriors were down right unbeatable at that point. His suspension opened the door for Cleveland to get back in the series and now they have all of the momentum and confidence. They believe they can win this series. The Warriors must now defend there home court and there championship. Game 7 is sure to be a game for the ages.

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