The game is greener without Draymond

The Cavs took full advantage of Draymomd Green suspension and won game 5. The Warriors missed Green’s toughness,competitiveness, and edge in this game. Steph and Klay rightfully gets all of the attention, but Draymond Green is the emotional leader of this team. He sets the tone defensively. He holds his teammates accountable.

The Warriors blew a chance to close out this series and that may come back to haunt them. The worse thing you want to do in the playoffs is give a team momentum. They should know because they just came back against the Thunder after being down 3-1. One game is all it takes to get back in a series. The Warriors were 4-0 under Steve Kerr in close out games.

James and Irving came to play tonight combining for 82 points. This was the first time in the NBA Finals that two teammates scored 40+ points in the same game. LeBron’s jumper and Irving’s driving complimented each other well. They were a two man show that the Warriors just couldn’t stop. Irving got to the basketball at will all night long. His growth and maturity is the key to Cleveland winning a championship. With the Cavs winning game 5 this series just got interesting. The have a chance to win game 6 at home and force a game 7.


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