No Love/A blessing in disguise

Kevin Love’s concussion might have been a blessing in disguise for the Cavs. The Cavs started Richard Jefferson and switched Lebron to the power forward spot. This created more shots and opportunities for Kyrie Irving who came out the gates exploding with 16 points in the first quarter. Love’s injury also forced other guys to step up like JR Smith, Richard Jefferson and Tristan Thompson.

The Cavs offense was clicking on all cylinders tonight. Better ball movement, rebounding and spacing. The Cavs continued to attack the basket and got to the free throw line rather than settling for jumpers. Their defense was also better with them closing out on shooters and defending the pick and role. This was a game the Cavs had to win and they played like it.

The Cavaliers are a great team but it’s so many questions surrounding them. Are they a better team with Irving handling the ball and doing most of the scoring, or with Lebron doing the handling and setting teammates up? What is the best way to utilize Kevin Love? Are the Cavs better without Kevin Love? Can the big three of James, Irving, and Love win a championship together? If they don’t win a championship, what happens to Lebron?


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