Is trouble brewing in Cleveland? Cavs part ways with GM David Griffin. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers are coming off three straight finals appearances, and the team’s first ever NBA Championship. However, there is some uncertainty in Cleveland at the moment. 

The Cavaliers decided to part ways with GM David Griffin. Sources say LeBron wasn’t consulted on the move and that it caught him off guard. Other Cavaliers players were stunned by the move as well. 

LeBron tweeted “If no one appreciated you Griff I did, and hopefully all the people of Cleveland! Thanks for what you did for the team for 3 years! We got 1🏆” 

Reports say that Griffin and Gilbert had different philosophies on the long term vision of the team. 

The Cavs have interviewed Chauncey Billups for there vacant GM position and there is mutual interest between both parties. 
Losing Griffin comes at a difficult time, as LeBron is set to become a free agent next year and there’s already talks of him leaving Cleveland for a second time. No one knows for sure what LeBron will do, but the Cavs must do all they can to keep LeBron happy. 

Cleveland is also tying to rebuild its roster after losing to the Warriors in the NBA Finals in 5 games. Rumors have been swirling around that there trying to trade for either Butler or George. 

The Cavaliers are in transition mode right now and the next few months will tell the story about the direction of the team. Griffin’s departure and LeBron’s free agency hangs a dark cloud around a team, that is looking to continue its dominance in the Eastern Conference. 

A Golden Era of Basketball. Warriors win NBA second championship in three years. 

We are witnessing the beginning of a basketball dynasty. For the second time in three years, the Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions. The Warriors finished the playoffs 16-1. They won an NBA record 73 games last season. They won 31 of the last 33 games this season. 

They set the record for the longest postseason win streak in the four major pro sports (15). With KD, Curry, Thompson and Green this team is set up to wreck havoc on the league for years to come. 

Kevin Durant finally won his first NBA Championship and Finals MVP. Durant scored 30+ points in all five games. It was a lot of criticism regarding him leaving the Thunder for the Warriors. In this Finals series, KD reminded everyone how special of a player he is. He completed changed the landscape of this entire series. 

The scary thing about the Warriors is that they accomplished so much in the last three years and there not satisfied or complacent. This team isn’t afraid to aim high and make history. 

They play an unselfish and exciting brand of basketball that is contagious. There no egos on this team, just a bunch of guys who love playing with each other and love winning. 

Where do the Cavs go from here?

Even though the Cavs lost the NBA Finals in five games, there are still some positives to take away from this series. They avoided a sweep. They ended the Warriors run at perfection. After game 2, they actually outplayed the Warriors, even though they lost that crushing game 3. This series easily could have been 2-2, instead of 3-1, and eventually 4-1. 

The Cavs lost to all time great team in the Warriors. Everyone predicted the Warriors would win this series and they did. When you add Kevin Durant to a 73 win team this is the result you get. 

LeBron has been to seven straight finals and looks to continue to build on that legacy. He became the first players in NBA Finals to average a triple-double and did all he could for Cleveland. No one will ever forget the championship he delivered last year. 

The biggest thing Cleveland needs to do in this offseason is bolster there bench. Outside of JR Smith they didn’t get much production from there bench. Williams didn’t show up all series. Korver had his moments. Shumpert had one good game. 
The Warriors just had too much depth and firepower. 

It was a forgone conclusion that the Warriors would win the NBA Championship. If they can three peat next then the dynasty talk will start to get louder. 
Photo from BleacherReport. I don’t now own this image. 

Cavs defend the land and finally win a game in the NBA Finals

In sports the hardest game is the closeout game. The pressure, adrenaline, and momentum is magnified. The team that is winning must overcome a wide range of emotions to be victorious. 

After a crushing game 3 defeat, that left the Cavs on the brink of elimination, they responded with a dominating game 4 performance. Unlike in game 3 the Cavs never let up and never surrender the lead. It was an historic offensive night for the Cavs. 

For the first time all series, all three members of the big three stepped up. Love, Irving, and Lebron combined for 94 points. They set an NBA record with 24 3 pointers. They scored the NBA Finals record for points in a quarter with 49, points in a half with 86 points, and 3 pointers made in a half with 13. 

Now the Cavs find themselves in a familiar position, down 3-1 just like last year’s NBA finals. No team has ever come back from 3-0, but all it takes is one game. Now the pressure is on the Warriors to close this series out. In the back of the Warriors mind is the fact that they can’t blow another series lead. 

The Cavs still have an uphill climb to get back in this series, but they avoided a sweep and handed the Warriors there first loss in the postseason. LeBron is a very prideful guy and you knew he wasn’t going to go out without a fight. 

In the last two games the Cavs have outplayed the Warriors even though they only have one win to show for it. This series could easily be 2-2. Game 5 is a must win for both teams. The Warriors obviously need to win in order to close this series out and win there second NBA Championship. The Cavs need a win in order to extend this series. Someone is going to lose. 

 dé·jà vu. Warriors dominate Cavs again in game 2 of NBA Finals. 

After two games in, the most anticipated NBA Finals aka ‘The Trilogy’, is morphing into a classic beat down that is shifting the paradigm in the NBA. A Golden era of basketball is upon us.  

Different game, same result. Warriors run away with game 2 of the NBA finals behind dominate performances from Curry and Durant. Curry posted his first postseason tripe-double with 32 points, 11 assist and 10 rebounds. Durant was brilliant once again, and filled up the scoresheet with 33 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assist, and 5 blocks. 

Durant and Curry are playing on a level right now that rivals some of the best duos in NBA history. The fact that there both unselfish, and can dominate without the ball makes them unstoppable. 

To make matters even more difficult for the Cavs, Klay Thompson broke of his shooting slump with 22 points. The Warriors have too many weapons on offense and there just too good defensively. The nightmare and juggernaut that everyone feared the Warriors would be when they KD signed has just come true. 

The Warriors are now (14-0) in the NBA playoffs, which is the longest streak postseason streak in NBA history. This team is clicking on all cylinders right now and there second NBA Championship in three years is looking more like a formality. 

Cleveland forced the Warriors into 20 turnovers tonight and got a triple double from LeBron, yet the still lost. The Warriors only had 4 turnovers in game 1. Every time Cleveland made a run in this game, the Warriors responded with an even bigger run. Love had another huge game with 27 points and 7 rebounds which wasn’t enough. Irving scored 19 points, but struggled all game long. No other player scored in double digits for Cleveland. In order to have a chance at beating the Warriors you need a complete team effort and Cleveland is just not getting that right now 

Cleveland has been in this position before. Down 0-2 in the finals last year, they won game 3, and went on to become the first team in NBA finals history to overcome a 3-1 deficit. They have the pedigree, talent, and stamina to make this finals competitive. As long as they have LeBron they at least have a chance. 

The biggest difference between this NBA Finals and last years NBA Finals is Kevin Durant. He completely shifted the power and balance in this series to favor the Warriors. He’s locked in on the defensive end and it’s not much you can do to stop the Warriors. This team is unstoppable and unbeatable. 

The new KD on the block. Warriors win game 1 of the NBA Finals with dominant performance from Durant 

The Warriors remain perfect in the NBA playoffs (13-0), with dominant, 23 point game 1 victory against the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. The story of the game was the Warriors defense which forced 20 Cavaliers turnovers. The Warriors held the Cavs to 89 points on 35% shooting. You can’t turn the ball over 20 times against Golden State and expect to win. They will make you pay every time. 

As great as the Warriors are offensively, it’s there defense that truly makes them a complete team. Draymond and Klay both do an excellent job setting the tone of defense. Durant’s defense has vastly improved since he joined the Warriors. 

Kevin Durant was spectacular tonight with 38 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assist. Durant is the ultimate difference maker in this series. The Warriors are heavily favorite in the this Finals and it’s has a lot to do with KD and the mismatch advantage he posses. Curry added 28 points, 10 assist and 6 rebounds. 

In last year’s NBA Finals, the Cavs back off of Harrison Barnes and dared him to shoot. Durant took the challenge tonight and torched the Cavs defense all night. 

Even though the Cavs are down 0-1 in the NBA Finals, and got outplayed by the Warriors there still in a good position. The Cavs lost game 1 of the NBA Finals last year, and overcame the first ever 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals to win the NBA Championship. 

Despite Lebron’s 8 turnovers he played a stellar game with 28 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assist. Irving and Love had 24 and 15 points respectively. In order for Cleveland to win game 2, they have to cut down on there turnovers, get more scoring from the rest of the team, and find a way to make life harder for KD. 

This NBA Finals Trilogy is just getting started. Game 2 will tell a much bigger part of the story. 

Warriors Vs Cavs. The Rivalry the NBA and its fans all need. 

Rivalries are what truly defines sports. They provide good entertainment, memorable moments, and classic games that fans can discuss for years to come. The Lakers vs Celtics rivalry changed the course of basketball history forever. What made that rivalry so special was players like Bird and Magic and there hatred, yet respect and admiration for each other. 

The Warriors and Cavs have a chance to make there own history and become the modern day version of the Lakers vs Celtics. In today’s NBA there aren’t too many rivalries which makes this finals matchup all the more special. LeBron vs Curry isn’t quite Magic vs Bird, but with Kobe being retired its the two biggest stars in the game, going head to head on the biggest stage in the world, the NBA Finals. 

Both teams are off to a pretty good start as they will meet in the NBA Finals for a third straight year. No two teams in NBA history have ever accomplished that feat. 

The Rematch. The Trilogy. Warriors vs Cavs Part 3. One of the worst kept secrets in the NBA all season, was the Warriors and Cavs meeting in the NBA Finals for a third straight straight year. All season long that was narrative, and the playoffs became boring and predictable, as we waited for this matchup to take shape. No team could challenge these two juggernauts. It’s was destiny that they would meet in the NBA Finals. 

How did we get here you ask? I’m happy you asked and I’ll be glad to explain it for you. 

Two years ago, the Warriors and Cavs met in the NBA Finals. The Warriors would win the first finals matchup in 6 games, after Love was hurt in the opening round against Boston, and Irving would go down in game one of the NBA Finals. Curry continued his road to superstardom and the Warriors captured there first championships since 1975. 

Then last season the Warriors completed the greatest regular season in NBA history by winning 73 games. They would fall short in there quest to win back to back titles with a heartbreaking lost in game 7 at home to the Cavs. 

LeBron would finally deliver on his promise to win the city of a Cleveland a championship, and end a 52 year championship drought in an epic game 7. That finals left us with memorable moments like “The Block”, “The Shot” and “The Stop.” The Cavs celebrated on the Warriors home court which left a bad taste in the Warriors mouth. 

The Warriors were left to recover from blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals. The Warriors not only recovered, they added Kevin Durant during free agency. This move shook up the NBA landscape and put everyone on notice, especially Cleveland. The Warriors were coming back with a vengeance. The basketball world was stunned and upset by this move. 

Fast forward to this season and the Warriors and Cavs were head and shoulders the two best teams in the NBA. They ran through the regular season and postseason with ease. At one point they were both undefeated in the Playoffs, and it looked like they would stay undefeated heading into the finals. 
The Warriors of course are still perfect (12-0), while the Cavs are 11-1, with the only loss coming at the hands of the Celtics in game 3. 

Now we arrive at this year’s NBA Finals with each team winning a championship in this budding rivalry. It’s time for the score to be settled. Who is the better team? Who is the biggest star in the NBA? Is LeBron better than Jordan? Did Durant hurt his legacy by joining the Warriors? Can Curry reclaim his throne as the new face of the NBA? 

All of these questions and more will be answered in the NBA Finals. Legacies will be defined in this series. Careers will be made. Twenty years from now we might look back and see how this rivalry changed the course of history just like the Lakers and Celtics. 

NBA Draft Lottery results. Celtics and Lakers back on top. 

The NBA draft lottery results are finally in. Every draft wouldn’t be fun without some type of conspiracy theory. Frozen envelope anyone? This year it’s the Lakers keeping its pick and more than likely drafting Lonzo Ball. Now if you remember his outspoken and attention seeking dad, Lavar Ball predicted his son would be drafted by the Lakers on several occasions and would “only play for the Lakers.” Either he’s a prophet, mad genius, or something in between.

The Celtics won the lottery and have the number 1 overall pick. Thanks Brooklyn. Number 1 seed in the conference. First overall pick. Life is good in Boston right now.

The Lakers will be picking second and get to keep the pick since it didn’t fall outside of the top three. If the pick fell outside of the top three it would have went to the 76ers, the team picking third overall.

Let’s all take a minute to appreciate the greatness of former 76ers GM Sam Hinkie. ‘The Process’ is indeed working. Salute to the 76ers fans who raised the Sam Hinkie banner last night at the draft lottery.

Rounding out the top five is the Suns picking fourth overall, and the Kings picking fifth overall.

In other news from the draft, the Knicks will be picking 8th overall. Not exactly what Knicks fans wanted, but they can still select a good player overall at number 8. The last two times the Knicks picked 8th overall they selected Jordan Hill (Curry went 7th in that draft) and Channing Frye.

Okay that doesn’t instill the most confidence, but this is a deep draft and players like De’Aaron Fox, Dennis Smith Jr and Frank Ntilkina might still be available.